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JRP ONLINE provides online services for Web Hosting Leeds Yorkshire including;

  • Domains Names,
  • Websites,
  • Email
  • WordPress
  • WHM CPanel

It can be far more cost effective to have an expert care for your web presence (at a fixed cost).
This leaves you free to do what you do best.

For over 70% of our clients we offer the additional service of design, programming and updating of their web site, graphics and content.

Whether it’s as simple as changing a line of type once a month, updating a database of products, or programming a complete online content management system, we are happy to help and ensure your site presents you in the way you want and that you can manage or direct the content when you want to.

Below are some brief outlines of the on-request, monthly or yearly contracts we have with our clients.

For 20 years we have been supplying web site hosting, web site design, coding and online service for companies across the UK, based from Yorkshire and supporting Leeds, York, Manchester, Birmingham and London based clients.

Web site hosting in Leeds West Yorkshire is our central office from which we manage our web servers in Leicester and London data centres.

JRP MINI Web Hosting Account WYSOCS

This site started out as a simple set of HTML pages, yes sure, the design and the graphics are great and the use of white space really works well as does the menu system and interface navigation, but…


Soon it became apparent that the client has hundreds of tapes and videos with DVD’s coming online in August. They also have Events and Lectures which are changing every 3 months.

The answer was to make an online database from which the client can control, enter, delete or update all the information regarding ‘media’ and ‘events’.

Now the web site queries the database before the pages load. If an Event is current it is displayed. If a tape or video is available it is also displayed, and, all the links are generated from the database too thereby creating custom page templates full of the specific Events or tapes requested.

This simple CMS (Content Management System) was designed and programmed by JRP Hosting. As were the graphics and the site design and, of course, we host the site too.
We look after their email, statistics reports (another custom solution) and their in-house network of Macintosh and PC’s.

JRP MINI Web Hosting Account Colourstyle

A simple, but effective web site, this hosting account greatly benefits the client by enabling an office network with email, uploads and downloads. It has replaced the fax and almost the telephone too!..

Following on from this hosting and design service our systems specialists have setup broadband, upgrade the in-house network and network hubs, installed anti-virus software and also commissioned the PC’s with new hardware and software.

Remote or home working has been enabled on Laptops with Dial-Up accounts for transferring files to and from the office and support and training is ongoing.

JRP MINI Web Hosting Account Attain

Launching a new product or service can be difficult, given the distances and time involved traveling these days, but this web site enabled quick communication with prospective clients…


Saving on costly brochure printing, a full product overview, sales and contact form supports the sales and P.R. teams from the start.

This site helps to bring clients and associates to focus through the web site as a joint collaboration tool, reducing costs.

Even the technology behind the product is helping to drive the web site too. Utilising PHP scripting and a MySQL online database, access to the site is recorded into log files that can help to target new clients by country and referring URL’s of visiting companies.