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The Comments and Advice are topical and directional for discussion and are in no way a recommendation or imply a guarantee for anyone to act upon or implement. This also applies to telephone or email communications. JRP is not liable for any actions outside of any specifically agreed and documented custom contracted work.


Domain Names will be registered as the property of the owner/company. It is the clients responsibility to keep JRP up-to-date with regards to their company status.
Failure to renew services with JRP may result in the loss of Domain Names and DATA*.

General Advice : Backups* : Email : Custom Solutions

Please note: It is the responsibility of the end user to have a complete, structured and up-to-date multiple location backup of all their work before JRP beings any services or support.

The end user should maintain their own backups, versions, of both web site files, code, emails and attachments at all times and be knowledgeable about restoring them to their own [custom] systems and solutions.

Mass-emailing is prohibited.

Such functions should be carried our using a 3rd part such as MailChimp.


The end Users should ensure they follow standard good practices for the security and protection of all their systems, passwords and access both digitally and physically.


Please Note: General Data Protection Regulation UK & EU : GDPR
This applies to every website you visit, not just JRP Support.
Visiting or Communicating with JRP Support via this website, it’s forms, e-commerce shop or by email does involve the collection of Data about you. READ MORE*
If you do not wish this system to record details for us to contact you then please telephone us for a chat instead.